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How do I change or cancel an order after it has been submitted?

Please tell us the reason for the order cancellation, and we will check and make improvement.
But if you do, please contact our Customer Service Department through below email ASAP to cancel the order, meanwhile, with order number and recipient’s name stated for easy checking.
We promise we'll try to stop the order from going through, but for your information that our order-fulfillment system is designed to get orders shipped as fast and as efficiently as possible. That means that even if you contact our Customer Service Department immediately after you change your mind about your order, it might already be in the shipping process. In that case, we can't change or cancel an order once it has been sent out. So, if your order can't be retrieved back to cancel, and you still don't love it after it has arrived, please contact Customer Service Department for returning, and we will supply you the returning address, with 90-day Money Back Guarantee.



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