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Damaged, Defective or Incorrect Items

We guarantee all of our products against material and workmanship defects within the 90-Day Warranty period. If a defect arises and a valid claim is received by Customer Service within the warranty period, we can offer you an exchange, components for replacement or return service. We will be responsible for the shipping fees. 

Please refer to our 90-Day Return Policy, and Return Instructions first, and then contact us with pictures of the damage or problem details, both for the item(s) you received and its SKU (item# on the small plastic bag) for us to locate the problem details and check it. We do need to confirm this issue before we authorize the return. Soufeel needs these pictures to check the specific reasons, to waive restocking fees or cost in replacement in Returning Rules. 

Before you contact us for help, we would like to share some tips on fixing and the proper care of your Soufeel Jewelry, which can help you quite easily .
1. Bracelet Clasp Fixing:

  • How to fix your Bracelet Clasp? Please lick here to get a detail instruction.
  • How to open the clasp on the basic bracelet? Please lick here to get a detail instruction.

2. Photo Watch:

Learn more about your product's material first, and then follow the proper care of your jewelry to help keep your jewelry look its best. For silver jewelry, please refer to the following proper care, this includes being aware of how you store, wear, and clean your jewelry.  

1. Why my sterling silver turns black or tarnishes?

Tarnish is a dulling which naturally occurs when silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the air. Some foods or everyday items containing sulfur can cause tarnishing, but even polluted air can turn sterling silver black. If you have too much acid in your skin, it may speed up the chemical reaction on silver appearance.

2. How to avoid tarnishing?

Do not expose your Soufeel products to harsh chemicals or environments as they can alter the appearance of the product. These include, but are not limited to, liquid silver polish, pools, hot tubs, and spas. Avoid contact with sulfur-heavy items and foods. Latex gloves, wool and elastic items contain higher levels of sulfur and tarnish sterling silver faster. In addition, eggs, salad dressings and onions also speed up the tarnishing process.

3. How to maintain sterling silver jewelry?

a. The best way to prevent sterling silver from turning black is to perform regular maintenance. Clean sterling silver with a silver polishing cloth and occasionally a silver polishing compound to keep the tarnish from accumulating.

b. Get some white toothpaste. It has to be white, and it has to be paste and not a gel. Wet the jewelry, put a blob of toothpaste on a wet rag or washcloth, and rub the jewelry gently. Rinse and dry the jewelry. Ta-da! Tarnish remover with no nasty chemical stink! Smells minty fresh! Do this when your jewelry looks dull or gets black in the crevices of the design. Cheap, smells good, works good.

To learn more about watch maintenance tips, please click here

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