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About Necklace Size

Name necklaces are the most popular customized items at Soufeel Jewelry.

1. Please check our necklace length guide below.

The length of most name necklaces is adjustable, 14.8"L with 2.8" extender. Let's take the "Carrie Style Name Necklace Silver" as an example. Please click on product "DETAILS+" on the product page and you can see the necklace length. This necklace length is 14.8"/38cm with extenders starting from 0.8"/2cm, 0.8"/2cm and 1.2"/3cm. 

2. Can I change the chain of the necklace?

Some chains of necklaces can be exchanged, while some of them are made with the name as a whole. Let's take these 2 necklaces as an example:

"Carrie" Style Name Necklace
Overlapping Heart Two Name Necklace
The chain is cannot be removed as it is linked with the name plate thus, can not be exchanged.
The chain is removable and can be exchanged with other similar necklace chain.

3. Can I have the a replacement chain or a longer chain?

You can purchase a replacement chain for a pendant or may just want a plain silver chain necklace to wear by itself. Please click and check our basic chain silver for your consideration. If you want a longer chain(23.6in/60cm)


Hope this helps!

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