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How to have a preview or get an effect picture?

On our previous article on "How to place an order for personalized jewelry?”, particularly on the personalizing process, you upload an image.  You may then drag  the image to scroll up or down through the options under the image,  to resize, crop or rotate, etc... When you are satisfied with the preview, you're ready to place the order.

If you'd like to preview the result after designing, please go to your shopping cart page and then click "+" to amplify it.

Please note: Rings with stones and engravings as well as photo wallets will not show you the result of your personalizing because the rings are circle and the space display on website is limited. The letters in the preview will stand out or be hidden by stones. Photo wallets will not also be previewed until they're processed to production as it is sketch.

Here are some suggestions about selecting pics.

1. Make sure your photo has good lighting. Avoid blurry photos. The higher the clarity of the photo the better. 

Doing otherwise will result to:

  • Pixelated or blurry images. 
  • Images will appear too dark.
  • Images will appear washed out (colors too light).

2. Avoid complex images.

Doing otherwise will result to:

  • Parts of the image may not be produced.
  • May show or contain color gradients.
  • Font may be inadequate.

Articles below in this section are for your reference.

If you need further help, please feel free to contact us

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